Stingless bee Training programme at Global Scientific Apiculture Centre , Bangalore

Global Scientific Research Foundation conducted a three day scientific bee keeping training  “ Apiculture for Sustainable Lively Hoods” with tag name of “ BEE HEALTHY , WEALTHY, ECO- FRIENDLY “ from December  13 – 15, 2017 .

In collaboration with Global Scientific Research Foundation and the Multi- Disciplinary Training Centre,   Khadi and Village Industries Commission , Bangalore , Madhusree Honey Farm gave training on Meliponi culture  especially,  Modern methods of Stingless bee Keeping. There were trainers and participants from parts of Karnataka and South India.

There were 50 trainees from different stream of society. The main aim of the programme   was to promote the conservation, study, improvement of Apis cerana and introduction of stingless bees throughout India.

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