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Online Honey Marketing  Techniques : A Session by Madhusree Honey Farm at EKNM Govt College Elerithatthu

Class on Online Honey Marketing


E.K N.M Govt College Elerithatthu Economic Association and P.G Day was inaugurated by Mr. BINU P.T , Madhusree Honey Farm Alakode.During the session he talk about online honey marketing in kerala,bee keeping in modern times and its promotion through social medias like what’s app, facebook,twitter,blog ,you tube etc., On this occasion there was a special lecturing on “Online Marketing And Search Engine Optimization”  by Mr. Anoop Rajan, owner

In the session he explained about how to buy honey  product online ,what are the back office works happening when you order an item etc.He also talk about google analytics for data analysis especially on time series analysis, trend,demographic,behavior etc.

The programme was presided over by Dr. K Karunakan,  Vice principal and Head  Of the Department  and felicitations  by Dr KP. Vipin Chandran  and Jain Thomas.

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