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Under the Mango Tree and CBRTI Pune Stingless Bee Training

Madhusree bee farm was glad to receive Under The Mango Tree members (Nikhil, Dhara, Manilal and Sanju) Retired Director of CBRTI Pune Dr. Daisy Thomas.

From left to right Nikhil,Manilal,Dhara,Sanju PT Thampi, Binu P.t and Dr. Daisy Thomas

Dr. Daisy Thomas is a resourceful and helpful person. The passion she has for bees and bee rearing is phenomenal.
She has been in contact with Madhusree bee farm for quite some time. Ever since she has visited us and understood about stingless bees, our communications has further strengthened.
It is then she decided she and her team members would love to learn about stingless bees and apis cerana indica.

Making of Stingless bee boxes and Apis Cerana Indica box

We arranged a training session specially for Dr. Daisy and Under the Mango Tree from Pune. They were here for 3 days on a stretch with intensive training on Stingless bee rearing.
We also did one complete day on how to make stingless bee boxes made from wooden and PVC boxes. Also we passed on the measurements so that bees can live in optimum temperatre and also they collect honey in a seprate chamber rather than with the broad. We also taught them how to catch wild stingless bee into new bee boxes, Colony division, Honey extraction, etc)

There are many different variations in rearing of Apis cerana indica as compared to Kerala and Pune. We shared a lot of practices and exchanged idea. This will mutually help each others.
We have been in touch with the team ever since.
It was recently that Mr. Martin Kunz from IBR visited and documented lot on the stingless bees and Apis cerena indica. Nikil and Under the Mango Tree were helpful in connecting us together. He has been doing a lot of good work with bee practices around the world. He also wants to try taking out Honey back to London.

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