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PT Thampi, The honey man from Alakode  

Kerala Agri University KVK  news letter 

Sri, Thmapi, the man with an experience of 40  years in the field of bee keeping has several innovations to his same.

Innovative Methods in Apis Cerana and stingless  Bee Keeping

One of the main problems encountered in honey bee rearing is to make up for their food shortage during the rainy season. Farmers counter this shortage providing sugar solution to honey bee which entails opening of the cage many times. The multiple opening can lead to several problems. To tackle this Sri Thmapi, a bee farmer Alakode has comes out with a new design bee hive. This contains on its top a half inch hole which can be opened and closed. Through this hole a plastic tube connected to a feeding bottle is passed and sugar solution can thus be provided to the bees without opening the advantage that close to 300 bee  hives can be fed in a short span of 3 hours.

Sri. Thmapi has  also developed a stand for the bee made of PVC pipes which is durable, easy to handle, light weight and resistant to termites and ants. He has also discovered that Dombeya spectabilis , which produce abundant flowers is a favorite food of honey bees. The rubber board recognized Madhusree farms of Sri Thmapi, Which Produce And Market honey under the brand Madhusree Agmark A Grade


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  1. Hello Sri I want a pvc hibe with stainless bees can you contact me .my mame is mohammed aaqib rihan and my no is 9731894266 please contact me

  2. Hi
    I would like to buy few units. Can I have your contact number please.

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