History of Madhusree Honey Farm

Madhusree Honey farm is a family owned and operated farm. We have been producing honey and honey related products in Kerala for last 40 years.

Mr. P T Thampi has more than 40 years of experience in bee keeping; He started at the age of 20 with few hives of apis cerna indica and stingless bees. He has been conducting lot of studies and experiments in this field and also developed his own methods, designs and ideas in bee keeping, hive designing, feeding, hive stands, queen cage etc. Though he has only primary education, he has received many awards and recognition from various government organization, agricultural institutions etc.

He is also a bee keeping trainer for over 30 yearsin RUDSET institute, Rubber Board, Horticorp, Agricultural Dept, Educational Intuitions and TSS etc.

Presently Mr. Binu PT son of Mr. PT Thambi is managing Madhsree Honey Farms along with his father. Mr. Binu PT is a post graduate in Business Administration.  He was a lecture and was working abroad as a trader for close to 4 years. He left his teaching and job for the passion of Bee keeping and farming. At present Binu manages more than 500 hives of Apis Cerna Indica and around 1000 hives of stingless bee (Dammer) and couple of hives of Italian Bees, along with all the other activities in the farm.