Stingless bee PVC Hive Double layer box (Empty)

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The pvc double layer bee hives designed by Madhusree Honey and Bee Farm make it possible for every farmer/  gardener/ bee keeper  to have a bee hive in their garden. The 2 layered design makes it possible to harvest the honey without disturbing the bee colony , thereby making it safe for even a child can easy mange it.

The  Hive is made up of  PVC pipe so it is very sturdy and water proof.

The Hive has two parts :-

1.Bottom part (brood chamber)

It is  through the  entrance in this part  the worker bees come in and go out for foraging and  workers made cell where Queen ,Eggs , larvae ,Pupae develop . Some of the propolish pots in this part of the hive also hold pollen, nectar or honey and  it is used to feed the developing larvae is called brood chamber.

2.Upper part (honey chamber )

It is called as super chamber and is the top part where the worker bees store their honey.  No bees are harmed while harvesting honey from it as the hive is designed in such a brilliant way .



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Weight 1.5 kg
With / Without live Bee

live bee, without bees

15 reviews for Stingless bee PVC Hive Double layer box (Empty)

  1. HA CHEW


  2. Chungdzi

    Hi, I’m from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and interested in purchasing the pvc bee hive. Do you ship to Malaysia

  3. mathew

    i am mathew from kottayam. can i get the pvc bee hive.
    mob. 9447174088

  4. Michelle

    may i know when will have stock?

  5. T.R.A.

    Ian interested in the PVC STINGLESS BEE hive.
    Please give bank details for transfer of payment.
    My address
    T.R.A. Narayanan,
    43, Rangavi Estate,
    Dabolim Post Office,
    Goa – 403801
    Tel: 0832-2538289
    Mob: 09511875988


  6. Srinivasan

    Required Hive with colony to Coimbatore.

  7. C.vikas

    I need the wooden bee hive

  8. Rommel

    Very interested in using the PVC Hive Design.
    May I know when will you have available stock?

  9. Tony Snell

    Please advise on availability at your leisure
    And do you ship to Australia?
    Kind regards

  10. Abraham C K

    Can I get Honey tree stumps by courier. If so let me know the cost.

  11. Yang khaidir Md nasir

    Hi.. im YK from Malaysia.. can u ship this item to malaysia?

  12. Alice Miller

    brilliant design, hope available in US soon. Email when available.
    Thanks so. Alice M

  13. Alice Miller

    can’t review from experience but very impressed with Mumbai Balcony Gardeners experience

  14. Sumanta Kumar Baruah

    Unique idea for harvesting stingless bee in scientific way.Thanks.

  15. Rajeevan

    Good box I have need a box please share me your phone number

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