About Us

Madhusree Honey Farm is a renowned and well marinated bee farm in the Western Ghats of Kerala, which is adjacent to Coorg forest of Karnataka. Gods own country Kerala is evergreen and is also famous for its spices. These naturally grown spice trees along with myriad of other wild and endangered spices of trees blossom through the year with enormous flowers which provide nectar and pollen for the bees. This gives us the opportunity to collect wild forest honey, multi flora honey, plantation honey and coffee flavored honey.

Even though honey is our main product we also produce and market bee wax, honey vinegar, honey jam, honey soap, bee wax lip balm, sugar free baking times etc. Apart from this we are making bee keeping and maintaince equipments like bee stands, honey extractor, tools, queen cage and different types of bee hives to suite your landscape.

A part of our farm which encompassed of 4 acres of tropical rain forest tree is maintained without trimming for the bees. These trees are very rare and are only found in the forest in today’s time. We are also progressively planting more flowering and fruit setting tree in our complete farm.
We are providing training for bee keeping especially for Stingless Bees, Apis Cerna Indica, Italian bees. Apart from this we also give training in making bee stand, hive designing and value additional to honey.

We sell honey and honey products wholesale and retail in India and other parts of the world.